Cast iron 3D scanning service in Treviso

A device with extreme precision for castings with high quality

Thanks to 3D scanning control, Fonderia Piave is able to verify fastly and cured – with high precision – the castings produced. Insuring also the customers the high quality product.

Fonderia Piave offers its customers the 3D scanning service of cast iron during the sampling of new items, modifications on existing items or, on request, also on items in production.

Together with a casting simulation device, the 3D dimensional prototype responds to the need to obtain the precise position of the casting line in order to have castings that perfectly match what is desired.

A real precision service that exploits the most modern and advanced three-dimensional optical metrology solutions applied to the metallurgical field and that allows us to respond to the market demand, which requires massive production volumes and of the highest quality.

graphic 3d scan cast iron



The 3D dimensional modeling process first consists of scanning the jet, so as to be able to obtain a complete digital image of it in 3D dimensions.


By collecting and reworking the images thus obtained, it is possible to achieve essential information on the geometry of the object.


The views are then transformed, with the use of advanced computer software, within a 3D dimensional coordinate system to gain the numerous points that actually represent the surface of the casting.


Based on the data collected, a report is drawn up with the various primary information such as the merger code, the batch date – useful for the traceability – and all the dimensional analysis.


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