For over 50 years in the national and international metallurgical industry.

In the heart of Treviso area, the reference point for the production of iron castings.

Fonderia Piave is specialized in various industrial sectors, such as textile, mechanical, hydraulic and naval, also in machine tools and agricultural machinery sectors.

Our services

Our services are aimed at all those companies, which need spheroidal or grey iron castings.
We offer a 360° cast iron processing service, from production to the delivery.

From design to production


Our Metallurgical Laboratoy is able to do thermal, metallurgical and spettrometrical analyzes with high precision, allowing us to know in details the charatheristics of the alloy and guarantee high quality castings.

Melting furnace

Our smelting plant is is compose from two melting furnaces and it’s able to melt grey and spheroidal cast iron. In this way we could offer you high quality goods and flexibility for your needs.

3D scan

Our Technical Office make use, for the drawings and analysis, of 3D dimensional scanning of the pieces to guarantee, quickly and efficiently, high quality final products, free of frays and burrs, which our customers can use successfully in their business sector.

We can make an offer without any obligation.

Our staff is at your disposal to provide you with more information about our services and formulate a quote for the product you need!

About us

An established and reliable professional reality

In the heart of the Marca Trevigiana, Fonderia Piave is located in Spresiano, about ten km from Treviso.
It’s one of the most influential reality for the cast iron production in the province and surroundings, as well as being strategically connected with the whole territory.


Thanks to our dynamic metallurgical laboratory and the advanced skills of our technical department.


High quality standards obtained through a detailed chain of meticulous checks.


Production for small, medium and large batch (from 0.2 to 110 Kg).

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