The best technologies for cast iron in Treviso

Advanced and perfoming technologies for casting and processing of cast iron

A complete offer capable of competing with national and international competition, which makes Fonderia Piave a trained and professional partner for those looking for technologies for the casting and processing of cast iron capable of satisfying qualitatively high production requirements.


Our Metallurgical Laboratory is equipped for measurement series and useful analyzes to produce good fusions. In particulary, the technical devices used for the carrying out of internal production process are:

Durometer, useful for evaluating the hardness of alloys on the Brinell scale

Spectrometer, specifically indicated for perfoming detailed chemical analyzes

Endoscopic microscope, equipped with a camera, which is useful for checking hydraulic distributors and valves

Tectip’s checks, to ensure maximun repeatability

Foundry earth analysis laboratory

Analysis and technical studies of projects, even complex and technically advanced

Subsidiary processes

In order to offer a 360° service, Fonderia Piave also employs:

An automatic forming machine capable of producing up to 120 plates/hour.

A braching line that allows you to position the cores and any anchors, as well as to clean the surface that houses the casting and to intervene to repair any imperfections on it.

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