Since 1963, our cast iron Foundry offers

Professionalism, competence and technological innovation

Fonderia Piave in Spresiano, is a family-run company that has been able to combine tradition and avant-guarde, establishing itself in the panorama of the cast iron in Treviso.

fonderia piave team

Our values


The dedication to the world of foundry and our work is what allows us to improve and pursue over time.


The experience accumulated in more than 50 years is the capital we invest every day to offer the best products.


The evolution of metallurgical techniques and technologies is the way in which we look to offer to our customers our best possible service.


Mainting high quality standards is our goal, to ensure the delivery of castings in compliance with customer requirements.

The production chain

In compliance with the values, which have characterized its work for over fifty years, Fonderia Piave has been able to renew itself and keep up with the metallurgical sector, responding to customer requests through a well-established and highly efficient production chain.

The company structure includes various professional figures suitable to follow the specific needs of clients from the order, through the design and up to the castings.

iron casting line

The production chain is made up of:

A Sales Office able to interface effectively with clients, quiclky understanding their needs and proposing the appropriate solutions

A Technical Office that carry out studies and analysis of projects, metrological checks and simulations of the castiong of molten alloy

A Metallurgical laboratory, which is equipped for spectrometric, thermal and chemical analyzes

A Laboratory for the analysis of foundry earth

Two melting furnaces that are capable of responding to different production needs

A Horizontal molding and casting dept. for cast iron

A control department

A Bolding line for positioning cores and plugs, cleaning surfaces and promptly repairing any imperfections on the casting surfaces

An efficient administrative department

The strategy

The sinergy within the supply chain and the vast experience gained over decades of activity in the sector have allowed Fonderia Piave to actively collaborate with companies located throughout the country and abroad, also participating in complex projects in which technical knowledge was involved and significant technological availability.

Metallurgical laboratory

In our metallurgical lab, spetrometric analyzes are carried out following the company procedure indicated in the appropriate Quality system.

Production plant

The production plant can count on two melting furnaces with a total capacity of over 35 tons, while the horizontal molding plant is equipped with 650x630x250+250 mm brackets.

Technical office

The Technical office uses casting simulation devices and carries out the design studies and analyzes, also using and advanced 3D scanner, which ensures meticulous control of the castings.

ISO 9001:2015

Fonderia Piave also enjoys the ISO 9001:2015 certificate of conformity and operates following precise quality standards that make it a suitable partner for collaboration with small and medium-sized enterprises and entities interested in carrying out more complex projects, even from a technical point of view.

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