Our melting furnace in Fonderia Piave

The smelting plant, the heart of the foundry

Fonderia Piave has two melting furnaces, which are the fulcrum of the company’s activities as well as an indispendable tool, a real flagship of the technology used.

Its function is to provide the necessary amount of heat sufficient to melt and overheat the metal, or to bring it to a temperature that exceeds the melting point to make it sufficiently fluid to be able to slide it easily inside the mold.

Used only by trained and competent staff, it allows to satisfy the request of various industrial sectors that require high production of castings and another degree of flexibility, capable of facing various technical problems. The quality is ensured by the constant collaboration of the department with the metallurgical laboratory and the Technical office.

The two ovens

The smelting plant consists of two different furnaces to ensure a diversified production of casting that it attentive to customer needs.

UHR 32

Capacity: 32 tons
Power output: 2500 kW


Capacity: 5 tons
Power output: 600 kW


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